Hamline MBA presentation.jpgjeremy-swenson-making-point-01_14_17Mr. Swenson is open to independently write, co-author, commentate on radio or T.V., or be a source for journalists depending on their needs. He is also open to speak at companies, universities, non-profits, think tanks, and at private events on a selective basis. He can be a moderator, speaker, or panel member. If you are looking for a non-big-four opinion from someone with an exceptionally amazing background, with varied roles and responsibilities in business and a track record of authentic leadership and innovative thinking and writing, Mr. Swenson offers the best millennial commentary from a CREATive & PROfessional ™ perspective. He has been an “outside the box” thinker his entire life, for better or worse. He knows leadership by going with the flow is the biggest mass social cultural fallacy of modern times and that it is far more dangerous than most people realize. He has charisma, style, great speaking and story-telling skills, and he bridges gaps between diverse stakeholders to derive creative thoughts. If you are interested in having him speak at your next event contact him here. Below is a list of topics he specializes in:

economic creativity emerging technological trends
how to have technological security without harming the business what is true leadership and why most people fail at this
the future of business and technology retail banking
managerial strategy the future of retail
why variety: innovation vs. repetition the anti-big-four perspective
financial regulation and Fed. policy sitting in a cube = yesterday
risk management how to inspire your team to the next level
digital currency free market economics
citizen journalism the music business
networking and lobbying the Minneapolis music scene

Selected speaking engagements:
1) Product Camp Twin Cities. “Thought$ On The Future of Digital Curren¢y For A Better World.” Worrell Design, Minneapolis, MN. Nov. 2015. http://pcamptc.org/?session=thought-on-the-future-of-digital-curren%c2%a2y-for-a-better-world
2) Minnebar. Speech on retail technology and loyalty marketing. April 2014. http://sessions.minnestar.org/
3) Hamline University MBA Association Success Seminar. Nov. 2011. http://www.hamline.edu/business/mba/
4) INROADS Summer Training for corporate interns at the U of MN’s Carlson School of Mgmt. June 2011. http://www.inroads.org/events/recent-events
5) Various Toastmasters clubs at Hamline University, Ameriprise Financial, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and Thrivent Financial. 2007 to 2012. http://www.d6tm.org/
6) Sec.MN. (Minnesota Security Professionals). “Precursor Detection of Data Exfiltration”. 09/28/17. White Bear Lake, MN.

Selected writing and press:
1) U2: Music Marketing Tweaked for a Hypercompetitive Digital World, While Still Appealing to Emotion MN AMA. 08/03/10.
2) Three keys to more innovative marketing: The case of Prince MN AMA. 03/29/11.
3) Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, Visits The U. of MN, Mayor R.T. Rybak, and Area Business Leaders Recognizing MN’s Economic Talent MN AMA. 12/1/11.
4) How Intelligent Marketing Uses Cultural Competence – Rural vs. Urban MN AMA. 11/01/11.
5) Three Tips for Creating Brand Value with a Product that is Co-Branded MN AMA. 07/19/11.
6) Culture is Like an IceBerg Center For Hispanic Leadership. 05/27/13.
7) National Society of Hispanic MBAs celebrates 25th Anniversary Meet Minneapolis. 06/23/13.
8) Jeremy Swenson Profile – The Business Journals Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. 2013.
9) Experts Share Ideas to Boast Urban Economic Development. Northwestern Financial Review. 01/23/12