Jeremy Swenson About Photo for BlogJeremy Swenson, MBA, MSST, grew up in Wyoming, MN, playing and listening to music which is where he draws his business creativity from. Mr. Swenson spent his first two years of college as a music major but ended up earning a B.A. Political Science Legal Studies from UW – Eau Claire. Although he never served in the military, he served the public as a Rural Associate Carrier with the U.S.P.S. and as an Enumerator with the U.S. Census Bureau (Dept. of Commerce) in 2000 for MN on the side early in college. From 2001 to 2006 he worked in financial services marketing. His public service continues to this day as he sits on the Federal Reserve System’s Secure Payment Task Force as a voice for academia and industry.

In 2007 he began research in his M.B.A. program on the growing risk of sub-prime mortgage lending where he forecasted some of the firms that would file for bankruptcy including Bear Stearns, Countywide, New Century Mortgage, etc. He did much of this under the advisement of executive mentors while working at U.S. Bank. He obtained his M.B.A. from St. Mary’s University of MN with a split specialization in marketing, finance, and project management. While consulting at other financial institutions, this research expanded to include financial services marketing, community banking, and project management. It has been positively recognized by many bank executives, including the CEO of U.S. Bank, Richard Davis, former Wells Fargo CEO, John Stumpf, and the former CFO of Klein Bank, Ron Seib. It has since been made into an E-Book: “Financial Services Marketing, Risk, & Innovation” (c) by Jeremy Swenson, 2009. If you want a copy of it, you can contact Mr. Swenson here.

ebook-financial-services-marketing_risk_innovation-jeremy-swenson-picSince then he has consulted for U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Prime Therapeutics, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs MN chapter, van Wagenen Financial Services, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, and Optum/UHG. In 2011 he successfully predicted Google’s move to combine their Google + Hangouts feature with their stand alone Google Voice product (happened in 2014).

Intel Retail Cert Associate Small ImageHe is also a certified Intel marketing and training specialist at Best Buy on weekends and has done this for 5 plus years. In 2016 he decided to go back to graduate school to pursue a second masters degree in Security Technologies at the University of MN’s renowned Technological Leadership Institute. This degree was completed in 2017 and positions Swenson as a creative and security savvy Sr. consultant to CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, and other business line leaders.

Overall he has served the common good, has saved the nation’s most profitable corporate entities millions of dollars, and has been a thought leader in emerging technologies and how they enable economic growth. Today he continues to take on more complex business projects, writes articles and blogs, and spends a lot of time seeing live music.

Connect with Jeremy at: @jer.Swenson or on LinkedIn.

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